Shaping History

Rorden surfboards history started in my mind shortly after I began my surfing career.  From the get go, I was always interested in the practical design over the appearance of my boards, which didn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate a nice looking surfboard, but the dynamics and workings were what I was after.  I was fascinated with surfing, designing and envisioning water flow across, under and around surfboards.

In my formative surfing years, I went through a myriad of designs that interested me, i.e., lots of used boards:  long boards, eggs, single fins, stingers, and a hollow board deemed with the right name of “Hollow Wave”.  Unbreakable, so they said until I ate it into the jetty at Seal Beach.  A favorite was a 6’2 Bing bonzer egg, incredibly ahead of its time.  From there, I got into McCoy Lazer Zap single fins and on to my first thruster.

My first shaping of a board was in 1977, stripping down, and reshaping an old long board into a 5’2 fish.  My first wave on this board, I was super stoked, until the fins fell off!  After this experience, I took a hiatus from shaping until I finally got tired of struggling to transfer all my ideas and designs to my shapers.  I then knew it was time to put hands to foam again.  From that moment on, my garage became a shaping bay, with the sunlight shining in at just the right time of the morning, creating the perfect shadowing to shape (but only on one side of the board).  That did the job for awhile until a shaping room opened up at the glass shop where I glassed my boards.

From there I was able to really hone my craft, busting out any design that came to mind.  In those days nobody seemed to want to shape much else besides standard short boards, so I took on the task of long boards, short boards, knee boards, paddle boards, bonzers, channel bottoms, you name it!  I thoroughly enjoyed creating and riding all types of boards and loved the shaping challenge.  I worked hard under many different popular surfboard labels over the years, shaping to many different styles.  During this time, I continued with my first love of shaping custom surfboards with unique and creative designs.

My shaping room soon became a creative palace for producing custom hydrodynamic masterpieces, and I never looked back!  I  am passionate about building elite, futuristic and fine-tuned surfing equipment.  I am constantly creating new designs to go faster, nose ride better, turn sharper, paddle, better and tube ride deeper.  Call for your custom Rorden Surfboard today, 714-742-4086.