6’0″ Gutless Wonder

Newest creation for Oregon transplant Nick Roth, the Gutless Wonder model!!  Made to float lots of rubber and rip soft to good surf.  The Gutless Wonder comes standard with flat deck, wide body,  and double wings to pull in the extra wide tail area.  This one has a Future Fins quad setup.  Nick is an avid […]

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O.G. Power Surfer Ian Cairns


Originating from Western Australia, Ian Cairns Clawed his way to the top of the heap throughout the 70s, with pure power surfing and sheer bravado, in and out of the surf!!  Known for his wicked power snap, Ian was there to help start pro surfing, and is still involved in […]

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Jayme And Kelly Surf T-Street

Rorden team rider and San Clemente grom ripper Jayme L. enjoyed a fun surf session with Kelly Slater, then met in the parking lot to swap board design.  How cool is that!!


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Chad Labass – 2015 Newport Classic

Newport Beach legend, Freestyle Watch marketing master, and top Rorden Surfboards team rider, Chad Labass showing why he’s still a force to be reckoned with.  Placing 2nd in the masters division at the 2015 Newport Classic.  Chad’s weapon of choice is a 5’9″ x 18.5,  Gullwing bottom, swallowtail, with deck channels.


Photos/Lorin Ely Mcgregor


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Legends – Wayne Lynch


In the late sixties, 16 year old Aussie surfer Wayne Lynch powered his way to stardom with his ground breaking surfing in the surf movie Evolution.  Shaping and riding his own equipment, Wayne was instrumental  in the short board revolution in the late sixties.  Known for his legendary backside surfing […]

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Nick Roth – Oregon Secret Spot

Nick and friends surfing a hot little cove somewhere in Oregon and having a blast! (if we told ya where, we’d have to kill ya!).   Nick’s surfing his 7’0″ epoxy egg, ridden as a quad, with the Rorden Gullwing bottom.  By the way, in Oregon, hood, gloves and booties:  don’t leave home without […]

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Ryan / North Side!

Photo by Scott Harris

Ryan Ross Harris looking like a young Wayne Lynch.  Tearing up the north side on his Rorden 5’10” Gull Wing bottom.

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Legends / Martin Potter



Another one of my all time favorites, Martin Potter.  Martin’s claims to fame were his radical power surfing and his aerials.  He burst onto the scene at the ripe old age of 15 [ what  were you doing at 15 ?] in the legendary South African surfing contest, the Gunston 500.  He placed 2nd […]

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Find You!

Cheyne Horan, visionary!!!

Remember surfers, if you were put on this earth to surf, you were definitely meant to make your unique mark!  How, you say?  With your own unique, interesting, radical, smooth approach to surfing. Style is everything!  Yes, you are all artists. Your canvas is the wave. Paint it however you choose, […]

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Chad La Bass Ripping Circa 1999

Throwback video of Rorden surfboards team rider Chad La bass, tube riding and ripping the pants off a nice compilation of classic waves!  Check out the pipeline and wedge footage, good stuff.  Now you see why this guy breaks boards!  A super powerhouse in the surf and a good friend, Thanks Chad.  P.S., still ripping today […]

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